Healthy, clean and simple produce make up a bowl of goodness called Poke.

Here in Paperfish, we give you the best & delicious creations.

What is POKé

Poké (pronounce as poh-kay) means "to cut" or "to slice" in Hawaiian.

Fresh cut of sashimi are cubed and marinated with a variation of flavours to be paired with the freshest local produce in order to harmoniously fit into a bowl.


OUR Story

The name "paperfish" was chosen as we wanted to be seen as a place that serves refined, clean and simple produce - all in one bowl. We were able to incorporate a small part of Japan (origami) into our name to show the Japanese influence towards poké in Hawaii. 

While crafting an origami allows the artist to transform a normal piece of paper into a refined work of art, we hope to be able to show that with our food.

What our customers say..

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